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Foreign Trade Salesman
Location: Dalian
Jobs: 5
Emolument: Negotiable
Expiration: 2016.12.01 - 2017.03.01
Contact Person: HR Mr. Wang
Address:  / 116033


Job responsibilities:
1, carry out foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, develop and maintain foreign customers;
2, market information collection, maintenance and extension of application platform;
3, import and export business contact, negotiation and negotiation;
4, order processing, import and export guarantee according to the customer request delivery;
5, able to skillfully use overseas exhibition, B2B e-commerce platform to find products export to target customers;
6, international trade or English language major, with a strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing Qualifications;

Working time: morning eight to five


1. College degree and above; 
2. 3 years working experience in industry direct customer sales, have a good sales performance; 
3. Has knowledge of IT background;Clear financial, telecommunications, military industry, electric power, transportation, energy, education, government, enterprise users such as industry (one of) the mode of operation, characteristics and procurement procedure; 
4. In the customer has established a comprehensive customer relationship;Have to reduce the target customers industry working background and customer relationships
5. With a strong pioneering spirit, strong communication skills, sensitive market insight;Good image and characteristic, represents the image of a big company.

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