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Instrument regulation

Editor: send a "id card" build an information bridge."Electronic supervision code is like a" bridge ", both national instrumentation industry information bridge, bridge is a information of the user to select suitable products. All instrumentation products is expected to be three years into the electronic supervision

2007, instrument and meter industry in China implement gross industrial output value of 307.8 billion yuan, sales income is 300.5 billion yuan, up 29%;Total profits of 22.5 billion yuan, up 35%, hit a record in the history of the development of instrument and meter in our country.The graph is zhejiang one meter production enterprise.(zhang heping taken)
Input for each product of the 20 electronic supervision code, click on the "query", you can immediately on the computer screen to see the product name, type, electronic supervision code, manufacturer, effective date, date of application and related information.The Chinese society of instrumentation products information work committee of qiao is demonstrated on the computer is they have been developed


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