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Ultrasonic flowmeter interference measures against frequency converter

With the gradual improvement of the industrial production automation technology and increased gradually in inverter using range, high frequency inverter harmonic electromagnetic interference brought by more and more serious,
Especially in high precision instrument and micro-electronics control system applications, such as electromagnetic interference problem is particularly prominent.
If the ultrasonic flowmeter does not display the instantaneous flow rate of failure is caused by the frequency converter with electromagnetic flowmeter signal transmission signal strength,
To a larger extent, reduce the influence of the frequency converter for signal strength, and should take the following measures:
1, the reasonable layout.To achieve reasonable layout when installation, flow meter and data transmission lines should be far away from the frequency converter as far as possible;
Line should be on the space and frequency converter from as far as possible, if not, should as far as possible and the frequency converter input and output line cross, vertical cross is best.
2, weaken the interference sources.Under the condition of the economic conditions permit, to filter frequency converter, but for a small power inverter, high cost, can adopt a low-cost method for electromagnetic interference suppression.
3, for shielding line.For near the flow meter of frequency converter and signal transmission line as far as possible in a metal box or penetrate the metal cabinet for shielding.
4, accurate grounding.Inverter earthing wire should be as far as possible some coarse, ground should be close to the frequency converter as far as possible;
Grounding line as far as possible away from the power cord, ultrasonic flowmeter signal lines;Ground wire, used in inverter must from ultrasonic flowmeter grounding line;
Must be absolutely avoided all equipment grounding line together again after grounding;Earthing terminal of frequency converter can't power and ultrasonic flowmeter with "zero";
Although invisible electromagnetic interference, scratching, but still by certain rules to follow, to deepen the understanding of electromagnetic interference,
And against electromagnetic interference, the understanding of the ways and means to improve the ability of against electromagnetic interference, and gradually eliminate the harmfulness of electromagnetic interference.

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