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Balance flow meter

Balance flow meter of traditional throttle device has been greatly improved, the salient features of having a balanced rectified. Conventional throttle device is only one flow aperture, after throttling the fluid lost ideal state; and balanced flow meter has multiple functions aperture to maximize the flow field is rectified into a perfect fluid balance, thereby differential pressure flowmeter advantage play the most. Balanced flow meter is suitable for almost all fluid measurement, is a revolution in fluid measurement technology, the current balance of the flowmeter has been widely applied to the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, gas, water treatment and other industries.

Product Principle:
Balanced flow meter is a revolutionary differential pressure flow meter, it works with other differential pressure flow meter, are in closed conduits based energy conversion principle: In an ideal fluid flow conduit in the case and the difference between proportional to the square root of pressure; measured by the differential pressure value can be calculated based on the flow rate of the pipeline Bernoulli equation. The sensor is a flow meter balance porous throttling disc rectifier, mounted on the cross section of the pipe, the size and distribution of each hole and the formulas are based on special customized test data, a function called holes. When the fluid passes through the orifice disc function, fluid balance will be rectified vortex is minimized, nearly ideal fluid is formed by taking the pressure device, to obtain a stable differential pressure signal to calculate the volumetric flow according to Bernoulli's equation, Mass Flow.

1, measurement accuracy is 5 to 10 times the standard orifice plate
2, standard orifice plate flow noise is 1/15
3, permanent pressure loss is the standard orifice plate 1/3
4, the pressure recovery 2 times faster than the standard orifice plate
5, may be less than the minimum straight pipe 0.5D

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