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Product Name : Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitter
Item# : FNS550
Model : FNS550
Was Price: CNY1200/RMB
Now Price : CNY800/RMB
Last update : 2017.03.06
Manufacturer :


The FNS550's flow detectors offer the strength and durability of steel with a choice of chemical or abrasive resistant liners. .



• The FNS550 flow detector uses the wel proven electromagnetic method of measurement, which applies Faraday's Law as the principle of operation.

• No moving parts

• High accuracy

• Wide operating range

• No obstruction to the flow

• Little to no pressure loss

• Liners to suit chemical or abrasive applications

• A choice of electrodes to suit the process

• Variety of flange types available

• Robust construction

• Steel welded construction

• Submersible to 10 meters (5 feet) of water

• Suitable for buried service

• Minimal straight pipe installation requirements

• FNS550 transmitter which features multiple outputs and flexible programming


General Applications

• Water production and distribution.

• Waste water monitoring and treatment.

• Irrigation flow measurement.

• Mining slurries.

• Effluent discharge

• Pulp and paper applications


Technical Data and Specifications


Display and Outputs: 0.5% of rate or 1mm/sec whichever is greater (Option 0.2%)

Velocity Range: 0.1to 10m/sec (0.01m/sec option)

Turndown from Full Scale: > 1000:1

Pressure Effects: Negligible effect

Repeatability: < 0.05 %

Power Supply Variations: Negligible

Note : Under reference conditions


Sizes 10mm-1200mm

Metering Tube 304 Stainless steel


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